Welcome to finding a new way to peace of mind

Do you want your relationships to be the best that they can be?  Do you want to build strong foundations within yourself and your with your significant other? Perhaps you are in a conflict situation that you feel overwhelmed by? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything you can and yet nothing seems to change?  Are you having problems within your relationships that just seem to go around and around? Perhaps your family is in the midst of changing and you feel like things are getting out of control.

When you are in a conflict, there are many options, responses, or actions available to you.  Often, conflict causes people to become overwhelmed with their emotions and their conflict resolution strategies can become less effective. Perhaps you feel like you don’t have the tools to respond to the situation we are in. If what you are doing in an emotionally charged situation isn’t working, you need to do something different to get a different result.  By increasing your awareness of what you can do, you can shift the conflict and empower yourself in a way that has the potential to bring a feeling of satisfaction, empowerment and personal power.

Conflict Options offers a unique service to families and individuals: using practices grounded in counselling, family mediation, restorative justice, conflict resolution and coaching, I help people empower themselves and find the way to a  deeper relationship satisfaction. Please contact me to discuss how I can help you find the Conflict Options that will work best for you.