Tammy Pattison Van Hinte

I started doing front line social work as a teenager, working with children with disabilities.  I did a BA in psychology and during my undergrad I became interested in cultural diversity through a course I took.  This lead me to travelling.  I travelled to Europe and then I did an around the world trip soaking up the ways things were done in other countries like India, Africa, China, Thailand, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt.  Upon returning I decided to study this topic more so I completed a Diploma in Canadian Studies with a focus on Race, Ethnicity and Culture.

During this time I continued to work with youth and adults with disabilities.  My job was to be a personal coach, helping my clients set goals, identify the steps needed to reach those goals and to achieve them.  I wanted to expand my skills so I volunteered on the Suicide Crisis Line and I completed a lay counsellor training program and began to volunteer as a counsellor.  In the counsellor training I met a mediator and I was very inspired by her ability to communicate and identify what needed to be the topic of the conversation to reach solutions.  This prompted me to take my first conflict resolution course at the Justice Institute of BC.  In no time, I was hooked!  I became what is affectionately called a “JI Junkie”, a term used to describe those people who can’t get enough of the Justice Institute courses. I completed a Certificate in Family Mediation and one in Negotiation.  I joined a mediation practice group.  I did a Family Mediation Practicum and I got a job working for the government in Family Justice Services

As my counselling practice expanded, I found that my mediation training transferred well to assisting couples in couples counselling.  This inspired me to complete a Masters in Counselling and become a Registered Clinical Counsellor through BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.  I also started doing courses that specialized in working with couples in counselling.  I completed John and Julie Gottman’s level 1 and level 2 Gottman Method Couples Therapy and began using Gottman Method Couples Therapy in my work with couples. I also took some Emotionally Focused Therapy courses.  I am currently enrolled in year 2 of the Bader/Pearson Model of Couples therapy.  I love learning and continue to take courses to enhance my skills.  I am passionate about assisting people to have more fulfilling relationships.

Tammy Van Hinte

In 2006, I started doing Youth Restorative Justice.  The process was powerful and restorative practices have become fundamental in my own interactions to this day.  I  facilitated restorative justice conferences with Victoria Restorative Justice  and  ran a circle for girls in a middle school.

I started Conflict Options because I want to contribute to the lives of others in a meaningful way.  I love the idea of people coming together to talk about something they disagree about and leaving feeling heard, respected and content with the outcome.  I love knowing that the services I offer can result in people having greater peace in their hearts and in their minds.  To me this is powerful and meaningful and a cause worth pursuing. Something I personally love about this work is that the my learning never stops.  There is always more to learn and I enjoy the opportunity this work offers me for my own personal expansion.  There is no destination, there is only the continual journey.

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On my journey to becoming a mediator and counsellor,  I have had many mentors.   In particular, I am extremely grateful for the support I have received from Tara Kowlaski, Deborah White, Sherri Calder, Kathleen Bellamano, and Teresa Martin.