Couples Counselling

Do you wonder where the passion and intimacy went in your relationship?  Do you ask yourself how things got so bad between you and your partner?  Why are you fighting all the time?  Or does it feel like you have become just friends or roommates living under the same roof? Do you find yourself thinking that maybe you’d be better off moving on, but then you worry that maybe you haven’t really given things a full out effort?  Ask yourself, what role models did you have for marriage-like relationships?  Were they examples that you feel represent the kind of relationship you aspire to?  If not, are you willing to learn other ways? If so, couples counselling is for you.

Couples relationships have natural patterns that do not represent our expectations.  We grow up watching movies that show fairy tale relationship structures that are not realistic.  When couples start to experience problems, they think there is something wrong, but all couples will need to find ways to navigate differences if their relationship is going to continue to grow beyond the initial honeymoon stage.  Couples counselling is a great place to grow your relationship by learning how to communicate better, manage conflict well, and deepen your connection with each other. There will always be times when you are two different people wanting different things, and couples counselling will help you learn how to bridge those differences in a way that feels good to both of you.

Growing your relationship skills is a lot like having a goal of getting into good physical shape. If you go to the gym sporadically, you will never get the results you want. Likewise, getting your relationship “in shape” requires you to show up regularly and consistently and to keep the momentum flowing between sessions.

Couples counselling is not a “one and done” situation – I have developed a process that will support you in: improving communication skills, managing conflict better, and deepening your connection with each other. I will design something specific to you, to move your relationship to whatever it is that you are aspiring it to be.

When working with couples, I use the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy to guide you and your partner to learn how to be close to someone else while still being true to your self.

Couples Counselling is not suited for situations when:

  • one or both spouses are in active addiction
  • there is an active and ongoing affair
  • there is danger of domestic violence
  • one or both spouses have mental health issues that are currently unstable

Couples Counselling is suitable for those individuals who

  • Are open to examining their own contributions to the problems in their marriage rather than blaming their partner
  • Will do the emotional work outside of and during appointments
  • Are willing to commit to and show up for 10 sessions

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