Coaching for Therapists

Coaching for Therapists is an educational/personal growth process. Common goals include increased ability to manage conflict in the room when practicing couples therapy, increased understanding of the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, or increased leadership skills to ensure that you are offering your couples a strong container for the therapeutic work you offer.

Couples Counselling

Do you wonder where the passion and intimacy went in your relationship? Do you ask yourself how things got so bad between you and your partner? Why are you fighting all the time? r does it feel like you have become just friends or roommates living under the same roof? Do you find yourself thinking that maybe you’d be better off moving on, but then you worry that maybe you haven’t really given things a full out effort?

Tammy Van Hinte Counselling Mediation

Discernment Counselling

Not sure if your marriage can be saved? If you or your spouse are considering divorce but are not completely sure that’s the best path, you are in a tough spot. And Discernment Counselling is designed for you. It’s a chance to slowdown, take a breath, and look at your options for your marriage. Discernment Counselling is a new way of helping couples where one person is “leaning out” of the relationship—and not sure that regular marriage counselling would help–and the other is “leaning in”—that is, interested in rebuilding the marriage.

Proactive Couples Counselling

Be proactive about ensuring that your relationship has the greatest chance of success. There are specific skills that make romantic relationships have longevity and vitality and most of us did not grow up with role models that taught us these skills. If you aspire to have a different kind of relationship than you had modelled proactive couples counselling is for you

Woman holding a sparkler - Individual Counselling by Tammy Van Hinte

Individual Counselling

Are you struggling with conflict in relationships, but you cannot convince these important people in your life to come to counselling? Have you recently ended a relationship and you want to know how to do things differently next time? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then individual counselling is a great place to seek solutions.


HeartMath is a tool that can help you bring your physical, mental and emotional systems into coherent alignment. Increasing your coherence enables you to evoke calm states when you are experiencing stress, empowers you to trust that you can choose your responses rather than react automatically, and helps you stay connected to your heart even when you are feeling defensive in an interaction with your partner..