Individual Counselling

Are you struggling with conflict in relationships, but you cannot convince these important people in your life to come to counselling?  Have you recently ended a relationship and you want to know how to do things differently next time?  If you answered “yes” to these questions, then individual counselling is a great place to seek solutions.

I can help you come away with a deeper understanding of the dynamics you have experienced in your relationships and the part you played.  I can help you better understand what you can do differently so you get different results.

Whether you want to change relationships you are currently in or you want to be sure to have better relationships in the future, I can help you get there. It’s great if others you have conflict with will engage in counselling with you, but sometimes they are not interested in seeking counselling.  Rest assured you can do a lot of valuable work on your relationships in individual counselling.

I use my knowledge and experience working in conflict resolution to help people gain insights into their relationships.  My goal is to help you come away with deeper self awareness and a greater capacity to engage directly with others in an effective way to share what you think, feel, want, etc.  I also work with you to increase your conflict resolution skills and your ability to stay calm in conflict situations.  If this sounds like it would help you reach your goals call me at (250) 896-1333 or book an appointment now.